Curriculum Vitae

I was born in 1958 in Rome (Italy) and in 1977 I graduated in Classical Studies. In the meantime I studied electronics and then I attended the Faculty of Engineering (La Sapienza University of Rome) for three years.
In 1979 I began my career as a sound engineer at the Radio Luna radio station and soon I found a new job in the first independent television network in Italy (Primarete Indipendente).
During the period in which I worked in this network I gained experience with the first independent news program in Italy (Contact). Then I started working in a television production company in Rome and I acquired more skills as a sound engineer. At the time I was working as a sound engineer in TV programs produced for the most important Italian networks (Rai, Mediaset and others).
In the meantime, I started working in planning and designing audio broadcast installations such as OB vans, post-production facilities and othe audio systems either permanent and mobile ones.
Later I started working as a freelancer for several companies and, since 2001, I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society.
If you want to know more about my career, download my detailed CV in Italian and in PDF format, by clicking on the loudspeaker at the bottom left of this page.
Otherwise, ask me via email for further information.