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Enzo Ferrara - CV (English)

Curriculum Vitae

I was born in 1958 in Rome (Italy) and (year 1977) I graduated in humanistic studies from a Senior High School. Meanwhile I studied electronics and then I attended for three years the School of Engineering (La Sapienza University, Rome).
In year 1979 I began my career of sound engineer in a radio broadcasting station (Radio Luna) and in a short time a got a new job in the first independent TV broadcasting network in Italy (Primarete Indipendente).
Over the period in which I have worked in this network I gained experience with the first independent newscast in Italy (Contatto). Then I started working in a TV production company in Rome and I acquired more skills as sound engineer. At that time, I worked as sound engineer in TV shows produced for the most important networks in Italy (Rai, Mediaset and others).
Meanwhile, I started working in planning and design audio broadcasting installations such as OB vans, post-production suites and other permanent or mobile audio systems.
Then I started working as a free lance for several companies and, since year 2001, I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society.
If you wish you know my career better, feel free to download my detailed CV in Italian and in a PDF format, clicking on the loudspeaker placed on the left side of this page. Otherwise, ask me by e-mail for further information.
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